Comment se constituer un fichier de prospects ?

Recently, I presented you a method to explore in the hard by email . But magic has its limits, it must of course have a contact file to exploit through this.

IF your customers are companies, bingo! You just have to dig into the enormous reservoir on the Web  that is social networks. All companies that are there publish their full contact information. In the same way, the immense database of Google Maps reaches you the arms. There is more to serve you.

Not with bare hands, that goes without saying. You would spend a lot of time there. Fortunately, there are many services that will do this for you. Leads Recon , for example, offers this in an extremely ergonomic form. All for a budget finally reasonable enough for the service rendered: $ 300 per year. Only offered in English, it covers all countries without restriction, and a college English is largely enough to cope.

You choose your search criteria (industry and geographic area) and then Recon Leads does the work. All you have to do is delete any errors in the results list and click on the export button to retrieve your CSV standard prospecting file .

In the same spirit, there is also ScopeLeads . More expensive (from $ 67 to $ 99 per month), it also includes the management of mailings and tracking of your emails. However, I find it less pleasant than Lemlist, which I presented to you in the first article of this series.

Finally, if you have a WordPress site , there is an extension that provides this role called Instant Leads. It is not for sale « free », but if you are interested, let me know. I will try to get my hands on it.

On the other hand, if your customers are private individuals , you are not in the most favorable case for this kind of approach. You can still acquire prospect files, but they have serious drawbacks.

They are usually offered for rent, and it is the provider who will manage shipments. Another big obstacle, their cost may calm you down seriously. And above all, they often have the same level of freshness as a fish forgotten for three days in full sun in August.

If you still want to try the adventure, you will easily find providers on Google. Know that chambers of commerce also offer such a service. But do not expect a miracle.

Besides, nothing will ever be worth a house file. You now have all the keys. It’s your turn.


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